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Celebrate Smartly

Savor the Art of Smart Celebration with SA Food Corner —
Where Every Detail Counts and Every Budget is Honored.

Unlock the secrets to unforgettable gatherings that charm your guests and your wallet alike.
Our Celebrate Smartly guide is your treasure trove of insider tips, cost-savvy strategies,
and Food Corner’s signature touches that transform your vision into reality,
with thrift and thoughtfulness at its heart.

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Step into the circle of smart planners. Click here and dive into a world where cost-effective doesn’t compromise on celebratory — it’s enhanced by it. With Food Corner, witness your event flourish, your guests delighted, and your budget intact.

Crafting Celebratory Feasts

Customized Menus to Mark Your Milestones

PaTsam Beef

Camates / Marca Leon Oil / Mi's Handmade / Leo's Sauce

Pesos 2500


Aged old recipe / Ms M Handcrafted Flavor / Cheese / SA FoodCorner's Secret Recipe

Pesos 3000

TsamDuh Ni

Patsamba Duh / Handcrafted / Cheese / Leo's Sauce

Pesos 2500

Tomato Bruschetta

Tomatoes / Olive Oil / Cheese / Yaki Sauce

Pesos 2500

Your Celebration, Our Cuisine

Flavors That Festivity Deserves

At Food Corner, we believe that every celebration is unique,
and our bespoke catering menus reflect this philosophy.
From intimate family gatherings to grand corporate events,
our culinary expertise is dedicated to making your special moments unforgettable.

Celebration Deal


Smooth bisque topped with river prawn

beef skewers

Charcoal grilled beef skewers with fries

tomato soup

Fresh tomatoes, onion, celery and olives

petit carp

Small portion of fried carp with mashed potatoes

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